Sunday, March 25, 2012

Movie Foodie!

My desire to have a Movie Foodie night all stemmed from the fabulous movie, Benny & Joon. I watched this movie with my friends in college more often that I'd like to admit. One of the best scenes, by far, is where Johnny Depp's character, Sam, is ironing grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron (why so many sandwiches, I will never know...) Since the first time I saw this movie, I have wanted to try it out, but for some reason never have. It seemed like the perfect food adventure to try with friends - so maybe a girl's night? My right brain started to take over, and than I had a whole evening planned full of other movie related food items. Movie Foodie night became the perfect excuse to plan a themed, social event (my desire to behave like a hermit only intensifies as I age, and planning specific events helps prevent total hibernation).

I decided on three movies that I enjoy and could easily relate to food. I didn't have to try hard to come up with "menus" for each night. The three movies* and their featured food item: Benny & Joon (ironed cheese sandwiches, of course), Mermaids (marshmallow kabobs) and Edward Scissorhands (ambrosia salad). There are about 3-4 other appetizers per movie, and a few decorative details that relate to the film.

And last night, was the first Movie Foodie night! I'll share more photos soon of the actual evening...

*If you are interested in these movies, and subscribe to NetFlix, all are currently streaming on their website.