Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 Valentines

I needed to make 7 handmade Valentines for the swap, and so I decided to make origami heart envelopes for all the people in my area (about 28 people) too. I mean really, what's 28 more Valentines?! I had some leftover Neenah Eames paper (which I don't think is being sold anymore) and cut it to a 3" square. It was an easy project to do while I watched tv shows or movies online. I added a little flag for the name and put some chocolates in the back envelope portion. I found the template here.

Valentine's Post Box

The inspiration: an Italian post box!

Use or modify this template for your own post box.

My friend at work is hosting a Valentine's swap this year. The mission was to create a Valentine themed box for another person. And I had the perfect inspiration - an Italian post box!

I started with a granola cereal box, approximately 6.25" x 8.5" and a slightly larger cereal box, approximately 7.625" x 10.125". The smaller box became the basic structure, and I used the larger box to cut out the front and the raised design elements. I turned the boxes inside out (gently pulling them apart at the side seam).

I made a sketch (with tracing paper overlaying a photo of the research) and than used that as a template to cut out the shapes. Some red spray paint and a handful of hearts later, and shazam - you have a Valentine's box!

After drawing all the line work (with a permanent pen - other ink won't stick to the paint) I hot glued all the pieces together (I'm impatient and wanted an instant glue bond, plus the thickness of the hot glue helps the pieces stand higher).

Hopefully she'll be able to use the post box throughout the year, and it was a great way to recycle a cereal box.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Abigail's Apron

I made this apron and oven mitt for my niece Abigail, for Christmas. Of course when she opened it, she barely would put it on for a photo, but I like to think she'll appreciate it one day! Hopefully before she can't fit in it anymore. Though, I was able to fit my hand in the oven mitt - so maybe she'll be using it 20 years from now!

I used the pattern posted above ($1 sale at JoAnn's!) with some minor tweaks. I was somewhat limited on the amount of fabric I had, so the top ruffles were eliminated. Lesson to learn, buy fabrics with intent! It's hard matching random 1/2 yards and fat quarters of fabric together.

I also lined the oven mitt, so all the seams weren't exposed. To add a finishing touch, I added the pink ribbon to both the apron and mitt. Now, if only I can get around to making myself a full sized apron!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Hermit and Her Shell

I am officially starting the blog! I'm hoping to share crafting experiences and insights, and use this as a place to catalog the time consuming projects I get myself into. Plus, I really need another excuse NOT to exercise...