Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Optical Illusions Quilt Book!!

I am very excited to announced that I am published in a book! About a year ago I had the opportunity to submit a quilt design for an optical illusions book Kansas City Star Quilts was putting together (thanks Shea for letting me know about this project!). This was the first time I had created a quilt design for a specific project, and it was hard! It took me awhile to figure out what my design should be, but in the end, I am happy with the results. And KCSQ was so easy to work with, which was helpful for a newbie like me.

There are many other awesome quilts in this book too, some of which I'm hoping to get a chance to try out (I'll have to add it to my long list of quilt to-do projects). And, 7 of the 9 designers featured are also part of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild! I think that's pretty awesome, and it makes me very proud to be a member of our guild:)

Above is the design as I submitted it. You can see that the block is very versatile, so you can play around with the direction of your blocks, and you'll get different effects. It works great in different sizes too. The 80" x 80" (16 blocks) is a great large lap quilt, and the 40" x 40" (4 blocks) works great as a baby or wall quilt. You can see the smaller quilt in the photo below.

If you make this quilt, I would love to see it! When I showed my mom the design, she was not excited about all the pieces, but I hope you aren't dissuaded by that! If you like triangles and matching points like I do, than you will love this quilt. It has a lot of impact when it's all sewn together, so it will be worth it! You can get your copy of the book here.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Octagon Baby Quilt

My friend just had her second child, a boy! Designing quilts for a second baby is kind of difficult. Do you do something different, but what if one looks or seems more superior? I was a second child (ended up being a middle child) so I have very strong feelings about further children not getting screwed (my sister always seemed to get the better versions of everything).

So I decided the best thing was to do something similar, but different (you can see her daughter’s quilt here). I got the color palette from my friend and decided on an octagon for the shape. I used the same quilting as before, and used flannel on the back. I can’t wait to see her baby boy on his new quilt!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Trash Can Labels!

Lots of exciting things have been happening around here – like organizing the trashcans in our kitchen! So, so exciting…

But really, this is a huge upgrade from the situation we’ve had for several years. We had a container for trash in one part of the kitchen, a different container for recycling in another part of the kitchen, and the glass would just pile up on the floor in the corner. Nothing was labeled, so when guests where over, there were either questions about where to get rid of things, or trash would inevitably end up in the recycling. It wasn’t working. 

We bought two more trashcans to match our other one (they are super functional, and not cute, but they are pretty simple and narrow, which work well for our situation right now), and put them all in the same spot of the kitchen.

I made the labels to easily distinguish where things go, and so far it seems to be working great! Much more organized than the mess we had before. 

I’ve included the file here, if you are also in the same situation we were in. I made mine with a vinyl cutter, and had it cut around the lettering. This made it a little difficult to adhere since they came out more delicate than I planned. The version in circles should hold up a lot better, and be much easier to cut and apply! I would definitely recommend using vinyl (if you have a Silhouette or Cricut at home) or printing the file, and than laminating the paper – should allow for easy cleaning and they should last a little longer.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Bridal Shower Paper Blooms

I finally got a chance to use the amazing book Paper to Petal. It's one of the best book purchases I've made, even if you just look at the beautiful paper flower photography. These flowers were made for my friend's outdoor bridal shower while watching many, many episodes of the show Dexter on Netflix (I got hooked, but vow to stop after season 4!)

Napkins were from Oh Joy's Spring Target line. Paper plates are from Shop Sweet Lulu. There's a variety of tissue paper issued, but the mint green/coral/pink is from Paper Source.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Savannah, Georgia: Mini Guide

Savannah has become one of my favorite places to visit. It has a little bit of everything, from the old historical charm of the South to the beach on Tybee Island. It’s equal parts relaxation and adventure, and small enough that it’s easy to get around and not too crowded. 

I’ve been lucky enough to visit with my good friend Em as a tour guide, and will be going back again in a few weeks to celebrate her bachelorette party. Em went to school at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), so she spent 4 years getting to know the area really well! 

Top 6+ Favorite Savannah/Tybee Things:

Several blocks long, this street is full of shopping and food. Some of my favorites are:

-You can taste all the different flavors of their honey!

-One of the best shops ever, it has an eclectic mix of new and old items.

-The best ice cream in Savannah. The line can get pretty long, but if you go during off hours you can avoid longer waits.

This art school has played a big part in the revitalization of the city. They have fixed up lots of old buildings as part of their campus.
-ShopSCAD carries a wide variety of items made by SCAD alumni and students. 

-Kind of a dive, but it’s so good (well, I always get the same thing and it’s delicious, The Elvis: peanut butter and banana french toast). It was also in the book/movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

We stayed on Tybee the first couple of years we visited. Last year I stayed at Planter’s Inn. It’s in a great location, and was affordably priced the weekend we were there. Next door is The Old Pink House, a nice restaurant, though a little pricey. Each room has a different ambiance to it. They also have an outdoor patio upstairs that’s nice at night. The lowest level has a little bar lit mostly with lanterns/candles, with live music and special cocktails – it’s really neat! You’ll want to make reservations, especially if there’s a specific area you want to dine/drink.

-The largest park in the city full of large oak trees with Spanish moss. We always bring a blanket and take a nap in the park:)

A short drive from Savannah, Tybee has a small town feel, and is a great place to visit the ocean.

North & South Beach
-North beach is generally less busy, and just as nice. The lighthouse is also on north beach. South beach has all the little shops and a nice beach as well. There are jellyfish in the water, and usually some dead ones on the beach – just something to look out for.

-It’s fun to climb the lighthouse, and get a 360 degree view at the top. You can see the ocean and marshes from up high, which is nice. The also have a museum in the house the lighthouse keeper’s family lived in, has lots of neat old stuff and some nice quilts.

Some other fun things: Cute fabric boutique shops: Fabrika & Measure; Juliette Gordon Low House (founder of the Girl Scouts); ride a Vespa.

Want a little taste of Savannah/Tybee, but can’t get there soon enough? Watch these films: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, Forrest Gump, The Last Song.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


My most favorite thing about this time of year is the start of a new season of So You Think You Can Dance. I LOVE to dance. I'm not really any good, but I love to do it anyway. I took dance growing up, and it was so much fun, especially at recital season when you got to dress up and perform. Now, I take classes at City in Motion, and also take Zumba as well. It's really the only way I can get myself to exercise because I have so much fun doing it.

In honor of the new season starting tonight (in just a few short minutes!!) I have pulled together some of my favorite dances from over the years of SYTYCD. I know there is a small group of people who actually watch this show, but it is truly amazing. I am always in awe of the talent of the dancers and choreographers, and watching the show is one of the best ways to hear great music. This year I will be using my Shazam app to find all of the music, and I'll hopefully put some playlists together of the music too!