Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Gardening

There are a few items that are almost always on my grocery list every time I go to the store. Cheese, peanut butter, yogurt and Triscuts to name a few. Sometime in college I discovered the awesomeness of Triscuts + cheese + salsa (known simply as TCS). It is a staple in my home, still, after several years out of college. Place a piece of cheese (I use Colby Jack) on a Triscut and place in microwave. The Triscut will stay crisp, even after being in the microwave. It doesn't take more than 30 seconds for the cheese to melt to the proper consistency. After heating, add the salsa, and eat quickly! They really are best when still warm.

Anyway, a month or so ago I grabbed a box of Triscuts. It wasn't until after I had gotten home that I realized the box was extra special! There were FREE dill seeds inside! I was filled with the same zeal I had as a child when I opened up a box of cereal to find a free toy (which also made me wonder when cereal companies stopped putting toys in their boxes?).

I have a collection of herbs that sit in my window. I never actually use the herbs (though I should) but by keeping them alive, I somehow convince myself that I am mature and responsible. I didn't have any dill, so I was even more excited to get a new herb to add to my collection.

This square piece of cardboard had to be soaked in water to allow the cardboard to be peeled apart to reveal the seeds. It's been a few weeks now, and my dill is thriving! It's been so much fun watching it grow - I feel like a proud parent!

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